Rotary Of The Tarrytowns Masthead
Photo of an outdoor food pantry

Little Free Pantry

Take What You Need

If you find items inside that you need, take them, and know we care about you.

The pantry belongs to all of us. Take only what you need, trusting that the mini pantry will be here for you again.

Give What You Can

Give what you would want to receive. An easy rule of thumb is buy extra of what you buy for your household. No gift is too small. All items should be unexpired, in good condition, shelf-stable, sealed, and able to withstand high temperatures.

How Does It Work

This pantry is an easy way for neighbors to help neighbors who need food, hygiene, or paper items. Please follow our simple guidelines to make everyone’s experience better.

  • Please take care of it and the space around it
  • Tidy-up when you can and please do not litter


By helping the pantry with a monetary donation, you help supplement food, hygiene and paper items as well as the upkeep of the pantry.

Click the button above to make your tax-deductible donation.

Located near the northwest corner of Tarrytown Village Hall at:

1 Depot Plaza, Tarrytown NY

Map of Tarrytown Village Hall

For questions or concerns, please contact us here.